Software Update Services

Upgrade Systems

Modernize the test frames in your laboratory and take advantage of the latest technological advances in electronics and software. Instron upgrades allow users of Instron and non-Instron testing equipment to upgrade, or retrofit, testing frames with the industry's most advanced electronics and software.

In addition to major system software upgrades we frequently release updates for current Instron software solutions, (i.e. BlueHill, Test Profiler, Trend-Tracker). 

Software updates go beyond addressing reported issues, often adding significant functionality and ease of use improvements.  



Bluehill 3 Testing Software Updates and Upgrades

Bluehill 3 is Instron's premier materials and components testing software package meeting the needs of a wide variety of applications including plastics, composites, metals, elastomers, biomedical, adhesives, textiles, components and others. Each application module provides the capability for tension, compression, flexure, stress-relation, creep, peel, tear and friction testing and test control based off of extension, load or strain. Also included is Instron's complete calculation library with hundreds of different calculations including user-defined calculations. Professionalism is guaranteed with Bluehill's one-of-a-kind report generator that allows the ultimate flexibility in creating customized report templates that can be linked with test methods and used to export test results via email or save as HTML, Word or PDF. Options for advanced test control, such as block loading, and data analysis, such as web camera recording, are also available.

For Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) operating systems.
(Please supply original software's serial number.)

For information on latest features and other resources, please visit the Bluehill 3 page on 

Partner Software for Static Systems

Partner Materials Testing Software manages and streamlines the testing process from entering pre-test parameters to result calculation. The software environment allows for complete control of the testing sequence and also includes utilities for report generation and distribution and management of results.

The Partner Environment hosts all optional Partner components including additional test wizards and calculation libraries which enhance and extend the machine control and calculation capabilities of the Partner environment.

The Partner Environment is compatible with the current Instron 3300, 5500 and MKIII controllers. The software can be configured to control or collect data from a multitude of frame types such as static hydraulic, electromechanical, and torsion from nearly any manufacturer of testing equipment.

Partner offers seamless integration with Microsoft Office Professional, which allows for custom reporting via MSAccess or MSExcel. Other standard features include user-selectable calculations, user-definable test tags, automatic and manual plot scaling, and trilingual calculation and measurement displays.

Compatible with Microsoft and Novell networks, as well as, allowing connectivity to a wide variety of compatible printers and peripherals supported by Windows platforms.