Selecting a Strain Solution Things to Consider


Specimen Attributes

There is not one extensometer that will work perfectly for every material. Material properties vary greatly, and a large extensometer used to measure strain on rebar can't be used to measure strain for paper. If you buy an extensometer focusing just on specifications you may find that you own an excellent extensometer that can't be used for your test.



Understanding Test Standards

Standards should be thoroughly read before testing to understand the equipment used meets the required specifications.

Questions to Consider

  • Does your extensometry meet the accuracy requirement of the standard? 
  • Does the device need to remain on through specimen failure?

Testing Environments

Materials properties are influenced by their environment and full characterisation of material properties requires testing under the appropriate environment conditions. The testing conditions will be matched to the environment that the materials will experience in use; e.g. high temperatures for engine components or body temperature saline fluid for implantable medical devices.